Shake on the Lake is a professional theatre company that specializes in performances to underserved rural communities. Based in Silver Lake, Shake on the Lake hosts a full year of programming including Summer Shakespeare Tour, Winter Performances, and Educational Programming.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”  ~ William Shakespeare

 In 2011, Josh Rice and Pilar McKay founded Shake on the Lake over facebook. The hope was to bring Shakespeare to the shores of Silver Lake, the Westernmost Finger Lake. Performing in their hometown eventually grew into touring to other rural communities in Upstate New York.

SOTL has grown into a touring company that hosts professional actors from throughout the country at Silver Lake. Shake on the Lake now tours in five counties in Upstate New York, brings Shakespeare into the local schools & communities with Arts Education residency programs, partners with Voices UnCaged to bring theatre arts into correctional facilities,  and continues creative placemaking through theatre to rural communities throughout the area. For more information about hosting Shake on the Lake as a summer tour venue, host the winter season, or educational programming, email

2012: Arts Council for Wyoming County, Community Awards Grant
2013: Arts Council for Wyoming County, Community Awards Grant, New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit (Josh Rice, Pilar McKay)
2014: Arts Council for Wyoming County, Community Awards Grant
2015: Finger Lakes Region, Regional Economic Development Council Grantee
2016: Arts Council for Wyoming County, Community Awards Grant
2017: NYSCA/A.R.T. New York State Creative Opportunity Fund (A Theatre Regrant Program)
2017: Wyoming Foundation (A Christmas Carol)
2018: Wyoming Foundation (Wyoming County Week)
2020: National Endowment of the Arts (New York State Puppet Festival)
2021: Wyoming Foundation (Sea Serpent Parade)

Shake on the Lake, Inc is a New York State nonprofit corporation created to engage in the arts and arts education as a tax-exempt organization within the prescribed limits of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Upon request, you may obtain a copy of Shake on the Lake’s 2020 financial report filed by Shake on the Lake by sending your request to Shake on the Lake, PO Box 57, Silver Lake, NY 14549.

Shake on the Lake is made possible through funding from the following organizations, agencies, or foundations.

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