Romeo & Juilet Shake on the Lake 2017

The Mission of Shake on the Lake is to entertain, engage, and enrich the community by creating professional theatre productions in a natural outdoor setting. In doing so, we seek to serve the community through educational outreach, artistic accessibility, and eco-friendly, green business practices to preserve the natural environment surrounding the festival.
The objectives supporting Shake on the Lake’s mission are P.L.A.Y.:
  • Production: Creating fun, family-friendly, outdoor productions of Shakespeare and other works, of the highest artistic standards
  • Loving the Lake: Utilizing cost-efficient, green production practices; recycling and refurbishing found materials for costumes, and sets; conserving energy by performing in daylight; all in an effort to preserve and celebrate the natural landscape playing host to the festival
  • Accessibility: Recognizing the power of, and believing in community, through outreach, education, and promoting local businesses and individuals as artistic partners
  • Youth Development: Cultivating the talents of local youth through teaching educational theatre workshops in conjunction with the festival